SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Simply put, SEO is about getting your website found in search results by your target audience.

Now you know what SEO is, how do you improve YOUR Search Engine Ranking?

Novarand focuses on organic SEO as this ties in closely with the design and ongoing maintenance of your website.

Organic SEO is where you achieve a natural placement on organic search engine results (not instant and improves over time with ongoing analysis and update).

Other methods of promoting your website which, should you be interested, we can assist you with include:

YouTube, Social Media, Newsletters to your subscribers, Assist users with answers to their questions on forums and PPC (Pay per click advertising)

Ask yourself the following and if your answers are not “Well” and “No” or “Not Sure” then please chat to us for further advice on what you should do.  We will give you a customised quote to meet your requirements and budget and you are under no obligation.

        • How well is your website performing in key search engines?
        • Is your website content and structure correctly formatted for search engines to find?